I am pretty sure I started singing before I started talking. The dream to voice a Disney Princess still lives. While I work toards that goal;  i've started putting down all the melodies that have been in my head. Musuc makes my soul happy.

True to character. I Love being in front of a camera. You want to take my picture? Want me to be a wood nymph? want me to climb some trees or rocks? OK! Sure! Why, not?!



Creating voices has always been a fun pasttime. Check out my Voiceover reel to see all the fun things I can do.The dream to be the Voice of a Disney Princess holds fast and true. I would also like to voice a fuzzy little creature.



As an ACTOR I love all avenues of performing; be it stage , TV or Film. I love delving in and exploring new characters. And when I get to learn a new skill for a role? why, that's just stupendous!


Stunts are a new endevor for me. I am excited to see where it goes, ratchet pulls and fire burns ar emy favorite for now. Type your paragraph here.



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