​PERFORMING is something I have always enjoyed.  I love touching peoples lives; making them think, making them feel.  Whether it is to make a person laugh, cry, or scream with rage. If there is some sort of an emotional response, I've has done her job.

There is no feeling in the world like that of opening night; of being part of a live performance and taking an audience on a journey  with you. Or the feeling of seeing a completed screen project, where you never know what the outcome might be. What shots will they choose? What will the final product be?

Working on a new  script, having a new character  to delve into, brings a challenge; and I  LOVE a challenge. Working with new people, learning all the time. The performance world is the one Ihas chosen. And there is none better for me.


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Laura ​A Feder

A mermaid, and occassionally a faerie. Sometimes I am goddess of the moon and sky, or ,if I'm in the mood, a wood nymph or a sprite. 

 I am a hiker, a traveler, and an adventurer.

Things to know:

Always up for a challenge

Likes to try new things

Willing to travel

Occassionally will break into song and dance

Reliable, responsible, adaptable, directable